Mural at San Dieguito High School

When I was asked to paint this mural by the San Dieguito High School Academy Alumni, I felt very proud, although a little nervous about how I was going to come up with the right idea and imagery.

With the help of the Faculty, Alumni, and a group of around 15 to 20 students, we came up with a sketch and then a full color rendering that everyone could get excited about.

It was also very cool that it was the High School I graduated from in 1975, and later my daughter in 2000.

During the painting of the mural I realized this was a great way for me to give back to the school and the community, a sentiment that I could get behind after painting many murals in so many other cities and places.

My goal was to use my art to make people here in Encinitas feel good about their school and the area we live in too.

While working on the project there was a lot of feedback and encouragement from many of the students. I really appreciated their support.

Many good people donated time and money through the Alumni to make this happen. I believe the combination of all those involved made the message, and the art come alive in this mural.

Before & After

In the picture: Adam Camacho, Principal - Katie Bendix, Assistant Principal -

Kevin Anderson '75, artist and alumni - Sue Sieber Cooper '66, Alumni Chairman -

Leslie Saldana '84, SDA Foundation President

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