What a Wonderfull World!! Sequoia Art Series now available

I know a guy.... he slept under giant Sequoia trees earlier this week. Brilliant moonlight, fresh pine air, no noise, but for birds and chipmunks. Deer walked by freely. During the day he went down to the river and swam in cool sweet mountain water, eventually sliding off a 25 foot natural granite waterfall / slide into a deep pool of water, then drying off on a smooth warm rock. When he got back home by the pacific ocean, he paddled out into the 74 degree water and rode some fun waves, just this morning. This guy I know......was thinking to himself.... WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD! !!!!!!

P.S. He also painted pictures, partied,and played guitar with a bunch of friends. There is a lot of cool stuff to do in life, I hope you all find cool stuff and enjoy. Kevin Anderson 08/05/17

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